Staple Superstars

June 11, 2010 at 11:32 am Leave a comment

This morning’s eggs are brought to you by the addition of delicious baby heirloom tomatoes…

…combined with spinach and red onions — two super nutritious staples of my diet that should never be taken for granted!

Since I find myself reaching for both red onions and spinach at essentially every meal I eat, I figured it would probably be a mood-booster to see what good things I’ve been providing my body with as a result. Here’s what I now know.

Red onions have been shown to lower blood-sugar glucose levels, promote gastrointestinal health, benefit overall bone health, reduce inflammation in the bones, throat, and blood vessels, and increase cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As for spinach, well, let’s just try to cover the big guys because it’s pretty much a perfect food. I would argue that it’s tough to find a healthier addiction than one to spinach (maybe kale?). Spinach is a nutrition superstar — It’s a great source of beta carotene (a disease fighting antioxidant), Vitamin C, potassium, lipolic acid (which helps vitamin C and E regenerate), and an awesome source of iron. It also provides you with a great serving of natural and nutritious daily fiber, without all the other crap and calories you get with a fiber bar or cereal.

Anyways, this morning I sauteed these magical vegetables together in a pan until the spinach was cooked down a little and the onions softened a tad.

Then I added a beaten egg, some pepperjack cheese, and my sliced heirloom tomatoes with a slice of toasted 7 grain bread.

Great start to the day — how did I ever used to survive off of a morning bowl of sugary/carb-based cereal every morning as a child? Amazing what a different diet can do for your health, even more amazing how few people internalize that basic (and obvious!) concept. You are what you eat, people. Try not to forget it!


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“It’s an empowering idea. The entire goliath of the food industry is ultimately driven and determined by the choices we make as the waiter gets impatient for our order or in the practicalities and whimsies of what we load into our shopping carts or farmers’ market bags.” - Jonathan Safran Foer ..............................................................

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