Weekend in the Vermountains

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Yes, that is a field of sunflowers that you see.

I had an awesome weekend. This weekend Charlie and I drove up to Vermont for some camping, hiking, and exploring. Have I mentioned how much I love Vermont? It’s definitely the closest thing to Washington state that you can find anywhere near New York City. Plenty of rushing rivers, lots of farm stands, and much needed dose of TREES.

Our first stop of the weekend was at a campsite near Middlebury called River Bend campground.

Overall, I think it was a cool site — It gave us access to town stuff going on in Middlebury (like grocery stores), but we got to sleep next to a pretty river and it was nice and quiet for a Friday night. Another “perk” of the site was this terrifying option:

Yep, it came with our very own private cliff to jump off of. Charlie had come to this site several times before in college and assured me it would be safe. As you can see, he chose to somersault off of the top level, while I opted for the next tier down for my first cliff jumping experience. That’s a photo of me clinging on for dear life before mustering the strength to leap into an ice-cold river. It’s on video and it isn’t pretty. Anyways, moving on.

On Saturday morning we set off on a hike in the Breadloaf Wildnerness and decided to hike around 5 miles up a peak that lead to a lilypad covered pond. Along the way we saw lots of pretty streams and more green than I can possibly demonstrate on this site. Just take my word for it.


Now, for those of you who aren’t here for the nature (weird), and have been waiting all this time for the foods, your patience has paid off. After we burned some calories hiking, we stopped at possibly the best breakfast place I have ever been to — which is a BIG deal since breakfast might be my favorite meal. If you haven’t been to Up For Breakfast in Manchester, VT yet, you really need to go.

Oh. My. Goodness. That is a good breakfast. I had the scrambled egg special of the day with pepperjack cheese, avocado, and sour cream with a toasted corn muffin and a side of fruit and coffee. Charlie got the homemade turkey hash which is essentially their very own spin on regular hash (but with better ingredients) with 2 poached eggs in hollandaise sauce and a side of sourdough toast. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm. I used to come here all the time with my friend Alli for a big breakfast on lazy skiing Sundays before we went out for a half day. Seriously amazing. And the restaurant itself is so cute! I don’t want to hear any excuses about not going — Manchester has stuff for everyone, even you non-skiers. So get up there and go outlet shopping and appreciate Vermont. You won’t be sorry.

After spending a low key night (indoors) at Charlie’s grandpa’s house in VT, we were ready on Sunday to hit up some nature again and set off on our drive north. That’s when we found my own personal heaven:

A huge field of sunflowers.

After running around in this for a while and trying to come up with ways to build a house directly in the middle, we decided it was time to concentrate our efforts on getting to campsite #2 and heading out for a hike to see the sites.

Behold, the hikes of Lake Dunmore, the Falls of Lana, and Silver Lake.

During all of this awesome-ness, we enjoyed some nice cherries.

Such a great weekend out of the city. Last but not least, on our way out of the Vermont wildnerness, we stopped at a great farm stand in upstate NY and got some fresh fruit and vegetables. I couldn’t resist taking some picture of their stuff — so colorful! We left with some green beans, a few peaches, some plums, sunflowers, and some homemade salsa.

Back to the city….Until next time, Vermont!


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