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Lunch today was a really huge salad.

After running about 5.5 miles in the sun today around Southport and Westport, Charlie and I got home ready for a thirst-quenching meal.

This is what we dreamed up:

Our big bowl had lots of romaine, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes (from the backyard!), kalamata olives, fresh mozzarella, green beans (from the farm stand from last weekend!), onion, pine nuts, and sunflower seeds.

All tossed up with a dressing combination of my mom’s homemade pesto, some more EVOO, lemon juice, and a dash of vinegar.

So easy.

We also each had a slice of my mom’s homemade bread. With some olive oil of course.

Think this plate, X about 4 of more salad. I was hungry!

We managed to eat pretty much that whole bowl of salad — pretty impressive…. or slightly gross if you choose to see it that way. I’m going to go with the first option since we were just a bunch of tired runners re-fueling.

Speaking of running, one topic I definitely have had on my mind lately is that of NYC gym memberships. I’ve been a diligent runner for years now, and definitely recognize the value of a quality, mind-clearing run on the East River every few days, but there’s something to be said for the appeal that a nice gym can have. Case in point is the beautiful Equinox.

It. is. so. nice.

Now I may not be the most knowledgeable gym-goer. And I definitely haven’t seen them all (like New York Health and Racquet Club and Crunch and many others), but as someone who used to frequent New York Sports Club and believed that New York City gyms were pretty much synonymous with dirty bathrooms, distractions, and long waits for machines, Equinox has really thrown off my cynicism.

Their cycling studio is so clean and nice. There’s never a wait for machines. They will bring you towels as you work out but won’t bother you if you’re focused. Everyone is nice. The locker rooms are clean. The showers are stocked with Keihl’s products. (Seriously) There is a smoothie bar right outside the locker room with every flavor imaginable. In case you need some rubbin’, there’s a spa on its own floor. The steam rooms are awesome and you won’t have to sit on top of a naked stranger because there’s room in them. They have great classes if you so choose to participate, but there’s plenty of space to work out on your own and zone out. I could go on with this for a while, but I should probably stop.

How, you ask, does Equinox deliver this wonderfulness? Ladies and gentlemen, there is a price tag. Their current rate for a passport membership (that allows you to go to all locations) is a whopping $170 per month. I believe for the step-down, one location membership you’re looking at around $130 per month. Ouch. That’s half of my monthly rent costs for my house out in Washington state… which brings me to my current debate and pain. Now that I’ve seen the light and witnessed the superiority of Equinox gyms, can I really go back to the madness of the cheaper, over-crowded NYC gyms? You might be bored reading all of this already. You might be saying to yourself, “Wow, she’s thinking about this way too much. She’s stupid.” This all may be true. But instead of stopping, I will do you one further and give you some mathematical breakdowns on how I could possibly justify such an investment.

Let’s say I do the lesser membership for 6 months. I’m looking at a gym price tag of $780. Now, assuming I frequent the temple at least 5 times a week (which, for those who know me, might actually be rounded down), I’m looking at paying about $6.5 per gym visit over the next six months. Is that insane? I can’t decide. I feel like gym memberships (or at least workout purchases) might be one of those things people should be happy to devote more of their funds to (same idea as healthy, organic produce). These days in NYC, if I purchased my coffee instead of making it at home, I’d be looking at around the same price tag. And don’t even get me started on the cost of alcoholic drinks or even bottled water costs. So doesn’t it technically make sense to pay 6 dollars a day to have access to a healthy, clean gym where I can burn over 600 calories in a cycling class? Isn’t that time spent exercising just as valuable (if not much more so) than ordering a latte every morning or a glass of wine at night? I’m just saying.

Now that we’ve sorted all of this out. Who would like to sponsor my membership? For your donation I will reward you each day with whale facts and pictures of cute puppies. Fair trade? Of course it is. Goodbye.


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