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Last night’s dinner was really just a compilation of veggie salads accompanied by a handful of scallops.

Our first salad was the beautiful creation you see above — I made a romaine, avocado, and mozzarella salad that I tossed with my mom’s very own cherry tomatoes and a light dressing of EVOO and vinegar.

Next up was my mom’s tomato and a cucumber salad — for which she just cut up some of her own tomatoes and cucumbers and basil and tossed them in salt, pepper, and EVOO and vinegar. This is about as summery as a salad gets.

Also worth mentioning is that if you’ve ever questioned those who say that fresh, local vegetables taste superior to packaged, preserved, and shipped veggies,… don’t. There is no contest between a store bought tomato from California that had to travel thousands of miles to reach your dinner table and one from a local farm (or your own backyard). Local foods aren’t just a trend, they really are more delicious.

Anyways, back to the salads.

To go along with these nice salads, I decided to steam up some spinach in some oil and garlic, and serve it as a bed for some sauteed scallops.

So easy. I just heated up the oil and garlic for about 30 seconds, then tossed in large handfuls of spinach, covered it for about 2 minutes, and served.

For the equally-easy scallops, I just tossed them in a light coating of flour, seasoned with salt and pepper (probably best to use finely ground pepper instead of the peppercorns I went with!), and seared them in a pan of olive oil, butter, and lemon for around 2 minutes each side.

When they were finished, I put a little more lemon juice on them and they were all ready to go. My favorite.

Pretty good.


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Kale, glorious kale. Morning Bowl

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