Subway Reflections

August 4, 2010 at 6:17 pm 3 comments

I have something to share/vent.

Yesterday evening, while sitting on the joy that is the 6 train downtown from 77th St, I witnessed something so frustratingly lazy and disgusting. So irritating that I’m still thinking about it.

As I put in my headphones and prepared to zone out and avoid any and all eye contact, I glanced in front of me to see a gem of a guy suck on, break, eat, and then DROP sunflower seeds directly onto the subway floor. The dude would literally cover them in his spit, break them with his teeth, and then discard the shells on the ground (with the occasional effort to toss them underneath the seat — WHICH, most likely made the cleanup even more annoying later for whoever had to deal with this disrespectful action). There were at least 30 shells littering the area.

It. Made. Me. So. Mad. Like can’t focus on anything else, mad. It was one of those really infuriating situations when morally you just want to stand up, voice your opinion, and really confront this dude about making a nasty mess for someone else to clean up,….but since I am a unarmed and a wimp of a young woman, I chose to avoid any confrontation with a strange subway rider and instead channel my rage through glares and head shakes. How effective. Ugh.

Now, I am normally really not one to dwell on the goings on of the general public, but really, tell me, when did it become alright for people to completely disregard others to the point that our SHARED transportation becomes their trash can? When did some of us decide that rather than simply put those seeds in a trash bag, we could just choose to ignore the fact that some late-night subway employee is going to have to come through and deal with that disgusting and saliva-ridden mess? It’s just SO LAZY. I think it’s a pretty great parallel for our general mentality of our energy use in this country as well. We just use, use, use and rather than deal with the consequences of our environmental actions, someone else can deal with our mess, both now and later. Stuff like this really makes you think about people and the clear detachment we face from basic values. Truly enlightening. Maybe I’ll remember his logic next time I’m on public transportation and need to dispose of my dirty tampon. See how that goes over.

Am I being crazy? Probably. But am I?

Clearly I need a break from city living before I swear off the human race altogether and attempt to join a pod of dolphins.


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Life is like a bowl of greek yogurt Drinking Breakfast

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  • 1. E Katherine Kerr  |  August 6, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    When I see litter, it triggers me every time. So, I completely sympathize with how you felt. I don’t want anyone to have to clean up after my mess–which is why I just wrote a very clear will.
    Like your blog and pictures!

    • 2. jamorten  |  August 6, 2010 at 10:32 pm

      I completely agree about seeing litter — drives me nuts. Thanks so much for your comment, EKatherine!

  • 3. Getchells  |  August 11, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Pops phone does not do justice to photos. On our big screen Apple they are fantastic. Keep up the journey. We miss you


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