Caravan of Dreams and the Perfect Slice

August 12, 2010 at 3:01 pm Leave a comment

Last night I trekked down to the lower east side to go out to dinner with my best friend Alli. We had agreed to go somewhere that would give us healthy options, and seeing the opportunity, I chose a vegetarian restaurant I had read about online. How did I remember an obscure little restaurant downtown while being constantly bombarded with all the restaurants NYC has to offer? Well, with a name like the “Caravan of Dreams,” it’s not a place that’s easy to forget.

We ended up having a great meal – We split two appetizers (the guacamole platter and the spanish bruschetta plate) and then shared an entree salad (the avocado Thai live salad). I got one picture of the salad and wanted more of our meal, but unfortunately it was super dark in there and the flash of my camera scarred at least three people’s eyeballs. So no food photos. That being said, it’s a cool place with a great vibe, it had some nice live music going on, and was a great excuse to head down to a much hipper part of the city than where I live. (sorry UES)

But don’t worry, uptown! You’ve still got it. Today I tried out another veggie paradise. A pizza place called Slice.

I went to the location on 74th and 2nd, but I think there are several other locations around the city. Slice prides itself on being a healthy pizza option. They always get fresh and organic ingredients and free range meat for their pizza. They also are well stocked for pretty much any dietary need, including vegans and gluten-free customers.

I got my piece of mushroom and mozzarella to go. It was awesome!!! So fresh tasting, not oily, and had a crispy whole-wheat crust. Next time I definitely want some green on there.

I’m super excited about this discovery. Its a little pricey for pizza, but when you consider the quality ingredients and major health difference, it’s worth it. Also it’s still cheap for any other type of NY restaurant’s standards. Definitely need to come back with people and have a full pizza and a sit-down meal. Another perk is that it’s located practically next door to my favorite place….

I think I’ve discovered a great combination. Post-workout pizza, here I come!


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