high fives to CBSnews

September 12, 2010 at 12:15 pm Leave a comment

CBS did a photo gallery on the 15 food myths that can kill you

it’s pretty great, and mostly just really refreshing to see that a major network is finally going against the grain and acknowledging that the superpowers that are the dairy and meat industries are NOT the key to a healthy lifestyle. far from it. i wonder how much funding the network lost for this piece of responsible journalism….

here’s a few of the myths, though you should check them out yourself!

– kids need to drink cow’s milk

– to lose weight, you must avoid carbs

– meat is the only “complete” protein

– to get enough iron, you need plenty of red meat

– the more protein you eat the better

check it out. or don’t. it’s up to you. but is this really what you want to base your diet around?:

up to you.


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“It’s an empowering idea. The entire goliath of the food industry is ultimately driven and determined by the choices we make as the waiter gets impatient for our order or in the practicalities and whimsies of what we load into our shopping carts or farmers’ market bags.” - Jonathan Safran Foer ..............................................................

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