acorn squash with mushroom and asparagus risotto

September 27, 2010 at 2:46 pm 1 comment

last night i made a variation of my favorite mushroom risotto. with a twist.

before i knew it, it had upgraded into what was a really awesome dinner. here we go:

Stuffed Acorn Squash with Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto

*Recipe adapted from Ryland, Peters, and Small’s easyvegetarian cookbook.

Serves 4

2 acorn squashes, halved

1 quart veggie broth (i like using the knorr cubes)

2 oz. dried mushrooms (i used chanterelle)

8-10 stalks of fresh asparagus spears, washed

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

2 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 onion, chopped (i used red)

1.5 cups arborio rice

1 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese, plus however much you want grated for serving

sea salt and black pepper, to taste

to start this guy off, take your acorn squash and place them cut side down on a baking sheet. pop that in for about 20 minutes at 420 degrees. focus on the risotto while that is roasting up.

combine the veggie broth and mushrooms in a saucepan and let them soak for about 10 minutes. when that’s up, strain the mushrooms out and keep the broth warm and on hand for when you’ll be needing it later. put the mushrooms to the side to be added later.

now, melt the oil and butter in a large saucepan. add the garlic and onion and cook over medium heat until softened but not browned. add the asparagus, mix it in, and then add the rice and stir until all the grains and veggies are coated with butter and oil.

add 1 ladle of hot broth to the rice and mix well. when the rice has absorbed the liquid, add another ladle of broth and stir well. repeat with the remaining broth, cooking the risotto for 15-20 minutes until all the liquid has been absorbed. meanwhile, chop the mushrooms into smaller pieces as necessary.

add the soaked mushrooms and the parmesan to the risotto. season to taste with salt and pepper (though i didn’t end up needing any since the broth was so salty) and mix gently over the heat for about 2 minutes.

when the acorn squash are ready (and they should be by the time you’re set with the risotto), remove them from the oven and allow them to slightly cool so that you can work with them.

to serve, put a half a squash on a plate and scoop the risotto into the squash, allowing for extra to spill out.

serve the dish with extra grated cheese to sprinkle on top.

appreciate how good salty risotto tastes with the slightly sweet, tender squash.

i ended up pairing the risotto with the squash because i had wandered through the farmers market and picked up a few and decided to try it out – it really does work. i also paired it with a farmer’s market mixed greens, grape tomato, and green bean salad that i tossed with a homemade mustard vinaigrette.

this was a good one.


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  • 1. Libby  |  September 27, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    Immediately after dropping you off at the subway I marched right (back) to the coop and bought not only a spaghetti squash but an acorn squash too! You inspired me to buy one then, now you are inspiring me with this recipe! Looks delicious.


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