eat like the swiss

December 25, 2010 at 11:13 pm Leave a comment

well friends, in the hurry of catching up on occasions, i have to tell you all about the delicious birthday/holiday meal that was shared for my mother/st.nicholas day earlier this past month.

to start this off, i’m going to remind everyone that it’s cold outside. and we all need to bulk up and eat plenty of rich, fatty foods in order to stave off the bitter winds and snow of winter. so keep that in mind. thanks.

now. my mother is half swiss. so basically that means it’s a given that my family feels it’s entirely necessary to indulge in all things chocolate and cheese related. in her honor of course.

that’s where the raclette maker comes in. raclettes. for those unfamiliar, they are literally a compilation of roasted potatoes, LOTS of melted cheese, and assorted small tastes of other flavors. personally, i like to pair my starch and dairy fat with some nice sour mini pickles. delicious. definitely worth trying… but for the sake of your arteries, i do only recommend eating this no more than twice a year.

now to be correct and fancy, you’ll need to get yourself a nice raclette maker. (as seen in these here photos where the cheese actually melts down underneath the potato cooking plate — awesome) but for the rest of us, the ingredients are so insanely simple and tasty that seriously all you’ll need is a foreman type grill to cook your potatoes and a clever way to melt a shit ton of delicious and strong cheese to pour over all of your plate. in that case, an oven will most definitely get it done if you’re careful to watch it until the melty-ness is at its most pour-able peak. just trust me.

so if you’re now stopping and saying to yourself wait, that can’t be all that’s goin’ on in this lunch, stop it. because yes, it’s true, all you need is plain potatoes (maybe spiced up with salt, pepper, a bit of paprika), a side salad of veggies to curb the heart pain from all of the saturated fats, delicious mini pickles, and CHEESE. and no, you can’t use cheddar. go get the good stuff. apparently raclette cheese is its own type, but honestly it doesn’t taste much different from delicious swiss gruyere. go get some.

go swiss!


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