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Hello world. I am back. I know, I know…. I’ve said this before…. but this time I think I mean it. I have had so many big life changes in the past 4 months that my brain hurts, but I’ll be sure to introduce each new item one at a time so that your head doesn’t explode and then you hate me. So here we go. In the last four months:

1. I started a new job in development at an environmental non-profit organization in NYC.

2. I moved into what can only be called servants quarters and due to the lack of kitchen, I ate take-out three meals a day.

3. I began a new love affair with eating bivalves, which were formerly something I feared and decided to dislike.

4. I began eating fishies again… with the monterey seafood watch guide in my pocket. Find that HERE and please not only put a printed copy in your own wallet, but make extras to give to people when they ask about yours.

5. I realized I loved writing grant proposals and raising money for worthwhile programs, and then got a new job in development at a different (and more wildlife and ocean focused) environmental non-profit organization in NYC. I start a week from next Monday.

6. This guy I hang out with got his dream job in sports…. but has to commute to central CT to do that. He started yesterday.

7. I moved again. And will now commute by car/train/subway/feet over an hour and a half door-to-door to get to work each day.

8. Life is crazy.

Ok, so now that we’re all caught up, we can talk about this:

That, my friends, is a seafood stew. The stars of the show are the local mussels, shrimp (US, not imported), and scallops (domestic Sea Scallops). Now, before you get upset about all this murder, here are some things I’ve come to realize:

– Since I started doing regular weight training and strengthening exercises rather than all cardio like in the past, I’ve noticed a huge increase in my protein cravings. Worth noting is that I’ve also noticed a substantial decrease in my body fat, so yeah, make strength training a habit because it does make a difference.

– Seafood can be eaten, but I think only if it can be treated as a responsible luxury — you can mark my words that you will still NEVER find me eating farmed salmon (my #1 plead to everyone I know to avoid), bluefin tuna, swordfish, mahi mahi, Atlantic cod, or a whole host of other irresponsible choices people make every day when they order food, especially SUSHI — but I’m really enjoying the whole host of flavors that stuff like mussels, oysters, sardines, and trout are bringing to my cooking.

– I still don’t like the process of killing things. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t consider making a run for it to the beach with my bowl of mussels so that they wouldn’t have to get steamed, but my motto in food has always been that you shouldn’t eat it if you’re not comfortable being the one to kill it, so I’m cringing and dealing with it… Not sure how I feel about eating crab and lobsters for exactly that reason, but I certainly am an advocate for the stab before you boil method.

– I have felt more fulfilled with the introduction of more seafood into my diet. Who knows if my cravings will change once again and I’ll go back to a more bean-based diet, but for now my body is talking and I’m trying to listen. Responsibly.

Ok, now that all of that is covered, let’s do less talking, and more admiring:

Seafood Stew simmered in a spicy garlic-tomato broth with shrimp, scallops, mussels, potatoes, and onions

(peeling and de-veining)

So yum.

It’s good to be back.


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