Deck of Cards

April 12, 2011 at 11:08 pm 4 comments

Exercise Shmexercise.

Is that how you feel about getting yourself moving every day?

I can sympathize. Kind of. But mostly I am one of those annoying people who doesn’t feel like the day is full unless I break a sweat. And I mean a real sweat. Not just your typical walking-around-the-city-carrying-your-bag-of-crap-and-rushing-because-you’re-late-for-work sweat, I’m talking about a dying-in-spin-class-and-making-a-huge-puddle-on-the-floor-that-is-so-large-it’s-borderline-embarrassing-and-you’re-glad-they-turn-the-lights-off-for-class sweat — as I successfully accomplished tonight at Equinox at 19th and Broadway. Phew! SO, in the spirit of spring health, I have decided to start sharing some of the weekend workouts that I have given big thumbs up for tiredness, soreness, and total full body destruction/invigoration. Don’t worry, (1) I’ll only do them one at a time, (2) if you only visit this site because you like eating foods, you can just ignore me, and (3) you can feel free to tell me to shut up because I am far (think very FAR) from an exercise scientist.

(that’s me on the right — thanks for the pictures, adam!)

Workout #1 – Card Competition You need to try it. However, this is not one you can do on your own — instead, you must recruit a friend to complete it with you. Or you could always send me a note and I’ll probably say yes. Here are the rules, in recipe style:

1) Get yourself a nicely, shuffled/distributed deck o’ cards

2) Assign each suit to a specific type of exercise. For instance, this is what I generally use:

= burpees, = pushups, = V-ups, = sprints

3) Decide if and how different ranges of numbers (or royalty faces) should correspond to each activity. For example, if I pull any ♣ card from 2-7, I usually have the distance for that range be something like 100 meters, whereas if I pull a ♣ card and it’s between 8 and Ace, my sprint corresponds to 200 meters. In the case of the other exercises, I typically match up whatever number is on the card with that number of exercises to be done — meaning if I pull a 6 of hearts, I then do 6 pushups for my turn. Jack – Ace always equals 10.

4) Ready yourself and your partner and stack up the deck. One of you should “go first,” meaning that the other person will pull your card, you will do whatever activity corresponds with your pulled card, and then when you are finished, you will pull the card for your partner so that they can have their turn while you “rest.” Keep in mind that there are many occasions when you’ll have series of “10” cards in succession and your partner will have low numbers, resulting in you having almost no rest time in between endless sets of burpees and sprints. Let’s just say it can get hard. That’s what she said.

5) Go through the deck of cards, alternating turns. If you want to make it a true competition, have the workout last (with you just re-shuffling and starting again) until one of you surrenders, rendering you both satisfyingly sweaty and tired. Boom.

In other news, I replaced my worn Asics Gel-Nimbus sneakers with………… Asics Gel-Nimbus sneakers!!!!

Hey, I never said I was exciting.


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seen and eaten over the weekend Delicious Rabbit Food

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  • 1. In Shape Out of Mind  |  April 13, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    I have always meant to do the deck of card workout. Do you do it in the park?

    • 2. jamorten  |  April 18, 2011 at 4:52 pm

      When I was in NYC, we’d always do them on Randall’s Island. Now we usually do them on soccer fields in CT. You should do it with us some weekend!

  • 3. Emma  |  April 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Hey is that me in that top photo? And may I add that the best side for a good workout are really supportive (and incredibly fit) friends! My workout with you all inspired me to join a boot camp at the Y in Austin. Started this morning at 5:45 am ; )

    Plus when you workout, you get inspired to make even more delicious food.

    • 4. jamorten  |  April 18, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      that is you!! looking so stylish and fit. i am so excited you’ll be living here to do weekend workouts all the time! smiles.


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