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May 21, 2011 at 12:26 pm Leave a comment

it stopped raining!!!!!! (finally.) doesn’t it make you want to go outside and run around?

i played in a soccer game this morning after i joined a ‘women’s league’ last week. i have trouble handling anything that serves to remind me that i am now a woman and not a girl (oh hey britney),… but it was actually super fun so i think i will stick with it. (sidenote: if you live in the southern CT area and are looking to play, let me know!) my workout schedule has been a little confusing these past few weeks. what with training for this half marathon, trying to incorporate strength training classes at equinox during the week, playing soccer, navigating around intermittent, but relatively mild hangovers, and going to jury duty, things have been pretty inconsistent. right now i think in my head my schedule looks like this:

Sunday: marathon training (9 – 13 mile runs)

Monday: easy strength training class at equinox

Tuesday: impossible NFL training camp class at equinox (which, like i said, is like a full hour of complicated burpees)

Wednesday: easy, slow run (4-6 miles)

Thursday: fun equinox class (kickboxing, cardio sculpt, etc. — you know, one of the more dance-y ones)

Friday: rest/beer day

Saturday: 90 minutes of old lady soccer

in execution, very little of this plan actually gets accomplished as the weeks pass by. for instance, this past week i successfully did Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. then i went out with friends on Wednesday and had too many beers, felt each of them at CT jury duty on Thursday, sat on my butt on Friday instead of running like i was supposed to, and then played soccer today (Saturday). some weeks are better than others, but i’m big on the mentality that your workout schedule should have some serious flexibility incorporated into it — you know, sometimes it’s OK to let life get in the way and to choose friends and beers and french fries instead of spinach salads and pushups.

just don’t forget to eat your veggies. and try to avoid people who think and talk like this:

David L.:  “why is there so much green shit in your blog. i want to see some meet”

enjoy your weekend! ❤


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enjoying the spring refreshing summer salad

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